Let’s observe more about safblock.

SafBlock helped merchants manage risk by both automatically preventing transactions based on historical fraudulent activity and allowing the merchant to actively block transactions from specific customers. Control fraud and manage risk—anytime, anywhere and anyplace.

SafBlock is fully integrated with the SafShop Secure Merchant Application —the web-based executive dashboard for your Internet business. SafBlock alerts you if you have orders that may be fraudulent. You can then review those orders and make any necessary adjustments by adding blocks and/or crediting the order to avoid a charge back.

Automatic telephone or e-mail PIN verification reduces fraud and charge backs.

Our system provides you with the ability to instantly require either e-mail or telephone verification for an order before it is placed. Both methods instantly and automatically deliver a unique PIN number to your customer which they must enter on the order form before the order can be completed. This guarantees you as the merchant have a working and traceable e-mail address or telephone number for the customer.

The electronic neighborhood watch program for your business. When any SafShop merchant uses SafBlock, all SafShop merchants benefit. SafShop shares fraudulent transaction knowledge with all its merchants and automatically alerts merchants to potentially fraudulent purchasing behavior. When a merchant detects fraudulent ordering and blocks an order, it is immediately entered into the SafShop knowledge base preventing future fraudulent orders with any SafShop merchant.

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