Affiliate Programs

Affiliate Marketing is the perfect way for you to sell more products online and to develop an income from your web site. But how do you get started? With your  account and the Secure Merchant Application, you can create a powerful, hands-off affiliate marketing program for all your products.

Easily create affiliate programs for your products.

With SafAffiliate, you can crate affiliate programs, move products into those programs and set your commission payout. You can define a one-tier or two-tier program with primary affiliates and down-line affiliates. You can also upload banner ads for your products that your affiliates can use to advertise your product or service. You make it as simple or sophisticated based on your business.

Start realizing additional sales with just one link.  SafAffiliate provides a unique, personalized link that you place on your web site where your affiliates will join your program. As a program member, your affiliates will access your program details through a secured login which they choose when they sign up. There they sell all the products in your program, their commission payouts, banner ads and links to use when promoting your products in addition to sales and click-through statistics. They will have everything they need to start selling your products.  Flexible commission payout rules.  Our select-and-click commission payout rules provide you with the flexibility you need to make your program a success. You can decide who receives what commission percentage, whether a commission is paid to a down-line or primary affiliate or both and the breakout of each. You can change these rules any time as your business requires.  In-depth affiliate performance reporting.  Click-through analysis, sales per click ratios, product and affiliate performance are just some of the detailed analysis reporting available. SafAffiliate provides the tools you need to monitor your affiliates performance. All reporting is accurate to the last business day so you have the information you need to make informed decisions.  We pay your affiliates on your behalf.  What could be easier? SafShop pays  affiliates  commissions each month on your behalf and offers a variety of methods for your affiliates to receive their payouts including direct deposit, wire transfer and PayPal™. You spend time focusing on your business and growing your affiliate program.

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